Executive Presence to boost your influence

We work with individuals and teams to increase their impact

Individual Coaching
We coach leaders who are committed to being their best. Through feedback from others, clear and concrete plans for action as well as coaching and guidance along the way, clients grow their presence to lead well and wisely.
Work With Teams
We work with teams to become higher performing, as individuals and as a collective: Building greater trust, gaining alignment on their shared vision, managing their stakeholders and building the individual skills to lead from every seat.
We deliver customized, highly engaging workshops for groups from 6 to 100 people. These learning sessions provide practical tools for helping participants make progress and are designed to foster insights and action.

Executive Presence

We all know when we've experienced executive presence in another person, but it can be difficult to define it and cultivate it within ourselves. This highly interactive workshop walks participants through the elements that generate executive presence and its link to influence. When they leave the session, each person has their own personal recipe for increased effectiveness and practical ways to engage in daily, deliberate practice.

Stakeholder Management

Many of us rely on chance and the normal course of meetings to manage our network. Building and maintaining trust and alignment with our various stakeholders is essential for effective collaboration and influence. This workshop guides participants through an intentional approach to stakeholder management. In this session, we prioritize a few stakeholders needing greater attention and walk through a strategic plan for building trust and/or alignment with one specific stakeholder.

Purpose, Vision, Values

Teams, departments and companies that have clarity and alignment on their Purpose, Vision and Values increase their ability to succeed. A process that invites input from others ensures that these all-important statements are informed by diverse perspectives. The team explores and then aligns on draft statements, which once finalized, serve as the starting point for all team members to effectively "walk the talk" in support of them.

Connecting With Your Superpowers

We are each particularly good at something at work. Yet, how often do we take the time to celebrate that Super Power, and think of ways to better leverage it for our own and others' success? This fun-filled session helps participants tap into their super something and how best to maximize its power for good.

Speak Up / Listen Up

The more active and effective individuals can be in their speaking up and listening up, the better the communication and collaboration that occurs. In this session, we look at what gets in the way of being effective, what we each already do well, and what few practical shifts we can each make to increase our ability to speak up and listen well.

High Performing Teams

We work with teams to become higher performing, as individuals and as a collective: Building greater trust, gaining alignment on their shared vision, managing their stakeholders and building the individual skills to lead from every seat. As a result, team members feel more connected to each other and aligned on a plan to take their teamwork to a whole new level.

People who demonstrate high levels of executive presence are influential. They convey an optimal blend of
authentic power and warmth and adjust that blend to best suit each interaction.

Demonstrating greater Executive Presence increases your chances of having an even bigger impact on the
world around you. And, the good news is that this so-called "It" factor can be learned and developed over time.

We have designed specific, proprietary tools and workshops to support your leadership development and effectiveness.
Designed for both individual and team settings, they can be used on their own, combined with keynote
addresses, and/or consulting and skill-building workshops.

Elements of Executive Presence Development Cards

We all know when we've experienced executive presence in another person, but it can be difficult to cultivate it within ourselves.

That's where the Elements of Executive Presence card deck comes in. Designed to support your professional development, these cards make the work of growing your own executive presence more concrete and practical. They enable you to see, at a glance, where you're strong and which elements must challenge you.

You work on one element at a time, using the relevant card in the deck to help guide your practical efforts. Regular practice generates real and tangible progress and there are Action Plan cards to help you along the way.

The Presentation Planner Worksheets

If your presentation messages do not consistently motivate others to take action, you are missing the potential for influence that presentations offer.

The PresentationPlanner worksheets take you painlessly through the process of constructing a compelling outline by using specific prompts to help you refine your thinking and your message. It enables you to create a powerful presentation that is clear, compelling and listener-focused.

Using these worksheets will enable you to create a library of presentations. They are fully editable and can be used as the basis for future presentations as well.

The Stakeholder Manager™ Tool

Your ability to influence others depends in large part on the quality of your relationships. This tool enables you to be strategic in managing your stakeholder relationships. You will take a comprehensive look at your stakeholder network and create a 90-day plan to develop greater trust and alignment with just 3 top priority stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Manager™ tool is a series of worksheets that help you:

  • Identify your stakeholder network
  • Clarify where you stand in your relationships
  • Decide where you most need to build greater trust and alignment and what personalized approach to use

The Resource Library

In the Resource Library, you can find articles, books, blogs and videos that can help support you growing your Executive Presence. And, if you have suggestions for other resources to add to this library, send us an email (click here). The listings are updated regularly.

“Karen has proven tremendously valuable to me as an advisor and coach. She really helped me to raise my game in presentations and other high-stakes communications. Since then, I have worked with her in several capacities including when I transitioned in as a new, public company CEO. At two of the companies I have led, she has guided our efforts to develop our company’s Purpose, Vision and Values statements. Both times, this work was enormously powerful in creating strong community and alignment around a clear direction. She is simply the most effective executive coach and leadership consultant I have ever worked with and will be a tremendous asset to any senior leader and leadership team.”

— John A. Orwin, President and CEO,
Relypsa, Inc.

“'Your presentation was great. That story you shared made your point and I am excited to support your initiative,' is one of many similar comments that I received from my colleagues just weeks after our coaching began. Not only was I more confident and influential in my presentations, I was able to carry my elevated executive presence into all of my communications.

Karen took the time to learn about me and provided a highly-customized coaching experience. The frameworks and suggestions she offered were easy to grasp and use. Given I'm located in a different state, Karen delivered her coaching through a combination of phone, videoconference and in-person sessions. I highly recommend Karen and her high-impact coaching!”

—Bahaa Wanly
Chief Operating Officer
Salem Health Hospitals & Clinics

“Karen is a stellar executive coach with whom I have worked for close to 10 years now. She has a way of connecting with you, both professionally and personally, and pushes you to the next level with a great balance between energy and empathy. She has supported my 'big stage' presentation skills as a very effective presentation coach. I have also engaged Karen in delivering leadership team workshops and supporting teams to become even higher performing. Her facilitation skills and ability to make participants feel at ease, even when addressing a challenging topic, is a true expertise. Karen is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.”

—Gisela A. Paulsen
Senior Vice President, Global Head,
Product Development, Clinical Operations

“Before using the Presentation Planner preparing for presentations was an agonizing experience. I would expend an extraordinary amount of effort determining how to best make a point and overthink how to create the impact I envisioned. Thanks to this beautiful tool I need no longer worry about such things. The Presentation Planner provides the prompts and language I require to craft a meaningful and impactful presentation in very short order.”

— Leslie Clark, Executive Coach

“Karen, I wanted you to know that The Presentation Planner (TM) has become my "go to" first step whenever I have a presentation to deliver, whether it's to 500 people, or to a small group of senior executives. This simple, yet powerful tool helps me to think through my desired outcomes and how best to relate to my audience. I end up with a compelling presentation outline that then guides me on which slides to create. Since I started using this tool and receiving your expert coaching on how best to deliver my presentations, I have gotten incredibly positive feedback. Thank you!”

—Kate Rowbotham
Vice President, Rheumatology Sales & Marketing, Genentech


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