What Our Clients are Saying

“Before using the Presentation Planner preparing for presentations was an agonizing experience. I would expend an extraordinary amount of effort determining how to best make a point and overthink how to create the impact I envisioned. Thanks to this beautiful tool I need no longer worry about such things. The Presentation Planner provides the prompts and language I require to craft a meaningful and impactful presentation in very short order.”

—Leslie Clark
Executive Coach

“Thank you again for a well-presented, on-message workshop. It was so impressive how quickly you grasped the nuances we wished to cover and how seamlessly you incorporated the overall theme of our offsite. Preliminary responses to the survey show the group thought your workshop was excellent, practical and provided useful tools to work on the art of influence. It was a pleasure seeing you and I hope to see you again in the future!”

—Holly Spoonemore
Senior Regulatory Program Director, PTR, Genentech​

“Karen has proven tremendously valuable to me as an advisor and coach. She really helped me to raise my game in presentations and other high-stakes communications. Since then, I have worked with her in several capacities including when I transitioned in as a new, public company CEO. At two of the companies I have led, she has guided our efforts to develop our company’s Mission, Vision and Values statements. Both times, this work was enormously powerful in creating strong community and alignment around a clear direction. She is simply the most effective executive coach and leadership consultant I have ever worked with and will be a tremendous asset to any senior leader and leadership team.”

—John A. Orwin, President and CEO,
Relypsa, Inc.

“With Karen’s coaching, I developed into a more effective communicator, and sharpened my ability to anticipate and address client needs. Her laser focus on helping executives drive results in partnership with others provided lasting change. Plus, her insight, enthusiasm and energy made her a joy to work with. I highly recommend her. ”

—Margot McShane, Managing Director
Russell Reynolds Associates

“While your presentation tool organizes my thoughts around a precise communication goal, the process, itself, helps refine my thinking as it takes shape. Each iteration exposes ideas that hadn’t occurred to me before. The final presentation feels so much smarter, with more logical, elegant transitions, and a more effective result. This is brilliant.​”

—Susan Bierzychudek
Principal, Green Ideals Group

“I definitely feel an overall shift in my executive presence as a result of our work together. I’m more comfortable and less inhibited. I am speaking with more ease and less fear of judgement across all executive settings, including our leadership meetings.

Also, a leader I know from another functional area stopped me today and said he was in a meeting where people were talking about me and that they were referring to a presentation I gave that did a fantastic job of helping a non-core function link to our mission. Thanks again for being such a superb teacher…I am definitely feeling like I can do more of this.”

—– Senior VP, Genentech

“Karen is smart, focused, and provides counsel and support that is both professional and warm. I really enjoyed working with her, and learned more from her than I imagined I could. I would love to work with her again.”

—– Vice President, Non profit

“We have worked with Karen as an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator. She brings her deep communication expertise, keen strategic insights and approachable style to every interaction with our team. As a result, our senior leader is communicating with greater impact and credibility, and our teams are developing and delivering compelling messages that influence others.”

—– Director, Commercial Communications & Strategy, Fortune 500 firm

“Thank you very much for being the “best” coach. You encouraged me to learn new things about myself and make change for the better. I have already begun to see the results. I continue to practice my skills and I’m getting more comfortable in these new shoes. Hoping that our paths will meet again in the future.”

—– Senior Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“Great job! I would not change anything. Perfect balance of content presented and interaction. We were all aware, engaged and learning throughout the day.​”

—Anonymous comment
Executive Presence Workshop
Genentech Inc.

“I learned so much from my work with Karen. As a new leader entering a new position in a new company, I needed to create alignment among a disparate team. Through Karen’s coaching, I was able to gain insights into their various realities and build bridges of trust which have enabled the work to move forward successfully. Her coaching, meeting facilitation, and overall guidance have been very valuable to me and to my team.”

—VP, MD, Kaiser Permanente

“I shall be forever different as a result of our work together.”

—– VP, Professional Services firm

“Karen Elmhirst has worked with several of our leaders on executive communications, helping them motivate and inspire both internal and external audiences. Executive feedback on her collaborative coaching has been very positive and we have seen marked improvement as well.”

– Director, HR Global Learning and Performance, Large Hi-tech firm

“As a result of your coaching and facilitation, I walked away with a clearer sense of our vision and strategies, I felt encouraged about our prospects and will begin to convey these to my team. Afterward, we commented that your approach to helping teams achieve what they need is balanced, in that it is both firm and pleasant. I look forward to our next offsite!”

– Director, Genetech

“I always think of you when I get feedback
from one of my presentations, which happens a thousand times more since I started working with you. I don't think I ever inspired anyone until your coaching brought it out in me...I am very grateful.”

— Rick Fair, SVP, Head of Oncology Global
Product Strategy, Genentech/Roche